With over two decades of expertise in Lean Management within European firms, I serve as not just an advisor and examiner but also a passionate educator. My expertise lies in enhancing production process efficiencies, which has become my life's calling. This expertise is rooted in practical work at prestigious manufacturing sites like FSO, General Motors, FSE Tamel, and ABB Poland, underpinning my academic knowledge.
An intensive exploration of manufacturing methodologies followed my educational journey at the Cracow University of Economics. A pivotal experience for me was learning about advanced methods of boosting efficiency, such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Kaizen while in the United States. Motivated by these methods and recognizing a void in Poland for such expertise, I set out to foster education in Lean Management.
Among my significant contributions is developing the GET LEAN simulation game, a novel educational resource for companies eager to embrace Lean Management practically and interactively. The game has proven an effective pedagogical technique, allowing players to grasp essential Lean principles through hands-on activities and simulations.
My methodology combines thorough theoretical grounding and actionable strategies and instruments. Thus, the organizations I collaborate with gain an understanding of Lean Management theory and, crucially, acquire the competence to implement it in their everyday operations. My approach validates the most impactful learning emerges when theoretical principles are integrated with practical application.