1. What is the 'Get Lean' simulation game?

Answer: "Get Lean" is an interactive simulation game focused on Lean Management methodology that aims to teach participants fundamental principles and tools through practical experience.

2 Who is the 'Get Lean' game designed for?

Answer: The game is designed for people who want to learn Lean methodology and train coaches, managers, and production teams at different levels of the organization.

3. How many people can participate in one "Get Lean" game session?

Answer: Between 13 and 16 people can participate in one session.

4. do I need previous Lean experience to play 'Get Lean'?

Answer: No, the game is designed to be suitable for both beginners and advanced participants.

5. What materials are provided in the game kit?

Answer: The kit includes all the necessary materials for the game and a durable travel case.

6. How long does the 'Get Lean' game last?

Answer: One game session lasts between 4 and 6 hours. The game's duration depends on the improvement solutions implemented by the participants.

7. Are training materials for trainers included in the game?

Answer: A guide is included to help the trainer prepare to run the game.

8. Can the 'Get Lean' game be incorporated into existing training programs?

Answer: It can easily be incorporated into current training programs or used as a stand-alone module.

9. How soon can I expect delivery of the game after purchase?

Answer: The game is delivered internationally within 2-4 weeks after purchase. 

10. Are there additional materials or expansions available for the game?

Answer: We currently offer a basic set but regularly update our materials and offer additional resources.